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A Guide for MediaWiki Users

This article is part of a series compiled as a guide to encourage and assist those building a MediaWiki-based website in a hosted environment.

Each article links to relevant documentation from the website and the website. Where the official documentation does not adequately cover the issues for a hosted site, or is too 'advanced', additional information, explanation and advice is provided.

User Documentation

Quality documentation about MediaWiki is available from two main sources, identified here with different style links:-

  • - which is the 'home' of MediaWiki
  • - the website of the Wikimedia Foundation which operates Wikipedia.

The goal here is to link to guides for common tasks so that a new user of MediaWiki can get started; without creating new manuals; and without trying to be complete. After becoming familiar with these sources of information, simply keep reading and practicing to gain expertise.


Manuals and Links

Learn how to navigate the MediaWiki interface
Start a new page

Unlike other editors there is no menu item in MediaWiki for 'New', or 'Save As'.

Edit a page

The Editing all-in-one guide is a comprehensive wikibook which can be printed.

Move a page (same as re-naming a page)
Advanced Editing

Several topics related to advanced editing skills are linked from the Help:Contents page.

Links, hyperlinks and anchors

The links provided here may not look like much but there is a wealth of information - more than enough to get started as a MediaWiki user.

Have fun,



The information or advice provided in this Guide is based on, or links to, official documentation for MediaWiki and was accurate when this article was created. However, some variation may occur between versions of MediaWiki; and the specifics of web hosting varies by service provider. Consequently, you should always create an effective backup before making any changes; ensure that you can restore your database and website; read the Release Notes before upgrading; and apply best practices to the management of your website. Any action that you take based on information provided here is at your own risk and the author accepts no liability for any loss or damage.