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Foundation CSS Framework for MediaWiki: Split Buttons

When the user clicks on a Split Button a menu choice is revealed below the 'down' arrow. Each item links to another page or resource.

Because the html a tag is used the code for the button needs to be enclosed in html tags and $wgRawHtml must be enabled in LocalSettings.php. (Each Label includes an html link, but the code itself does not display in the examples.)

The style of Split Buttons is similar to the classes used in other Foundation CSS button styles.

Note: To use components from the Zurb Foundation CSS Framework in MediaWiki, first install a custom skin such as the Foreground Skin or the Pivot Skin, which are built upon the Foundation CSS Framework.

Example 1: Split Button - tiny, default style

Example 2: Split Button - small secondary radius

Example 3: Split Button - medium alert round

Example 4: Split Button - large success

Example 5: Split Button - large expand