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Foundation CSS Framework for MediaWiki: Panels With Buttons

Panels can be sized to fit a specified number of columns on the grid, and panels can be placed next to each other.

In addition to text, panels can contain other items such as buttons.

Note: To use components from the Zurb Foundation CSS Framework in MediaWiki, first install a custom skin such as the Foreground Skin or the Pivot Skin, which are built upon the Foundation CSS Framework.

Panels With Buttons

In the example below, three panels are placed across a row. Each panel includes a button. For interest, each button has been aligned, either left, centre or right.

This heading is H5

The button is aligned left.

Read More

This panel has more lines of text. The panel height adjusts to enable all text to be displayed.

The button is aligned center.

Less text, minimum height...

The button is aligned right.

The code for this example follows:-

Sample Code for panels With Buttons