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The Author

Hello, let me introduce myself as Grant.

My personal interests include music, kayaking, car restoration, motorcycling, reading and developing my websites.

My career began in Mechanical Engineering followed by a non-technical role in radio communications. I obtained qualifications in Information Technology and was an IT trainer specializing in Website Administration and System Administration. At the end of my working career I was the General Manager of a training company and able to put my qualification in Business Management to good use.

Life has thrown me a few curved balls which, combined with my interest areas will, I hope, lead to some interesting content on this website.

The Website

This is one of three hosted websites which I am developing as a hobby. This one is aptly named 'Grants Website' because although it seems corny it is also entirely accurate. It will be easy for people to say 'I read that on Grant's website...' and the URL is exactly that: www.grantswebsite.net.

Each of my websites is built using MediaWiki. It may not be pretty but it is excellent for presenting a lot of inter-related information.

The website www.grantswebsite.net is hosted in Australia.

Contact Email

To contact me via email in relation to this Website please use the following email address: (to be added).

Received email will be acknowledged automatically and followed by a written response later. If you do not receive an acknowledgement please check your email junk folder.

All incoming and outgoing email is scanned for viruses. All incoming email is filtered for spam.